We love Filipina Housekeepers!

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Town and Country actually loves all housekeepers, whether they are in London or around the country!!

All around the smartest London and other city addresses we have seen the rise of the Filipina housekeeper and nannies over many years. The trend really has not changed. Whether it is in a formal or an informal household, the Filipina Housekeeper or Nanny is as popular as ever.

In 2001 the UK Census recorded 40,118 pe9ople born in the Philippines residing in England – in 2011 the Census recorded 117,457, and in 2015 the equivalent figure for the UK was 132,000.

Filipino community in London

The largest Filipino population in the United Kingdom is in and around London, but other towns have significant communities including Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Southampton and Leeds. Of course a large number of Filipinos are employed in the domestic staff sector, whether they are working in private homes or the hospitality industry.

Did you know that Filipinos are supposed to be the happiest people on earth? This is according to many studies, and they are also known to have a work ethic that is much appreciated globally, also by Europeans. You can still find Filipino domestic staff working all over the world, as well as in London and the UK.

Filipina housekeeper London

Filipina housekeeper London

Filipina Housekeepers Stories

After talking to several of our lovely Filipina housekeepers and nannies about why they came to the London and other cities, we of course find that they came here many years ago sometimes with their employers who bought them here from Hong Kong and the Middle East.  In recent years we have also seen a rise in housekeepers who initially went to work in Spain, Italy and other European countries before deciding to come to the UK.  Many of them have gained degrees and qualifications, such as nursing, before taking the enormous decision to leave their country and family behind.  Most of the housekeepers we spoke to will admit that, of course, the reason for leaving home was to find well paid work to be able to send their salary home to help their families.  We can totally understand how their trip home once a year is something they must look forward to.

We love Filipina Housekeepers!

Over the years we have learnt that our Filipina housekeepers and nannies are to be valued and are now treated with the respect that they deserve.   We hear so many lovely stories about how Filipina Housekeepers and Nannies help to bring up children and have helped to keep homes to the highest level, while keeping everyone well fed – even your dog!  It is no wonder that they are valued for their calm but caring personalities, and that they still go back and visit families and children they have looked after – even if those children are now having children of their own!

Domestic Worker visas

Something that not all our clients know is that it is now almost impossible for a Filipina housekeeper to come to the UK to work as it is now not possible to get a Domestic Worker visa if they do not already have a European passport (or are married to someone with a European passport).

Maybe something that ‘Brexit’ might change for the better – we do hope so!