The Marble Reward System

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How to Have a Peaceful Life with the Children!

So you have tried so many different kinds of discipline systems – we think this one is the best!

The naughty step is a thing of the past! Threats about pocket money go over their heads! Sounds familiar – well, whether you are a parent or a nanny this should help you have a more peaceful life.

We were told about this many years ago by one of the best nannies we have ever known – and it is still the one that we think works!

How The Marble Reward System Works

You get a large jar and small marbles – just one jar, if you have more than one child then all the children contribute to the same jar. Every time any of the children are extra good, clear up without being asked, help someone, go to bed on time – you get the idea – then they get a marble and they put it in the jar. When the jar is full then the child/children will get a special treat. You know what a special treat is for your kids! Don’t reward ordinary behaviour – just really good behaviour.

marble reward systemTaking Marbles Away

Yes, you can take marbles away for bad behaviour – and we recommend that you do!  Not just ordinary ‘lumps and bumps of life’ bad behaviour, but something they have done that they really do need a punishment for.


We do believe that you will soon see a change in a child’s behaviour when everyday is run by reward rather than punishment.  You will also see, where a child has siblings who are also contributing to the marble jar, how they encourage each other to good behaviour to get their rewards sooner, rather than bad behaviour which means they ‘lose’ marbles.

The ultimate consequence is a peaceful and happier home for all – and that can’t be a bad thing for adults or children!

You will see how quickly children’s behaviour improves when you are rewarding rather than punishing.