How to Make Your Principal’s Guests Feel Welcome

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The Housekeeper’s Guide to Making Up a Guest Room

One of the nicest things you can do for your Principal’s guests is to make them feel welcome – and this is the Town and Country’s Staff’s guide on how to do just that!


Preparation is so important.  If you know that your Principal is having guests arriving soon then make sure that everything is ready and have your time planned so you can pay special attention to the guest room(s) being used.

The Bed

The bed is, of course, the most important part of any guest room.  Using cotton or linen sheets, ironed to perfection and made up with hotel crispness is an absolute must.  Ample sleeping pillows, extra cushions if they want to sit up and read, and a throw for chilly nights, all go towards making an extra comfortable stay.

Fresh Flowers

It’s not an absolute must – but we think that it just makes the room special.  Even a tiny bouquet or a single stem in a vase gives a lovely finish.

A Carafe of Water

No one wants to be thirsty in the middle of the night!  So leave a carafe and/or a bottle of still and/or sparkling water with some nice glasses for guest’s use.  If you are using a carafe you might want to add some cucumber slices or some lemon on the side.

The Bathroom

As with the bedroom, the bathroom can also be prepared to make a guest feel welcome.  Firstly, of course, comes cleanliness – it needs to be sparkling!  Make sure the towels are presented beautifully, that the tissue holder is full, and that there is spare lavatory paper.

What Else?

What about leaving the WiFi password so that guests do not have to ask for it? If the room is bright, then add an eye-mask. An iPhone/Samsung charger can always be helpful, and for overseas guests a plug convertor so that they can use their electrical items in the room. Finally, don’t forget to turn up the radiator so that the room is warm and welcoming and always offer a helpful ear and a smile.