A Day in the Life of a London Dog (and his friends!)

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Hello, my name is Fritz and I am a very happy boy who lives with my Mummy and Daddy in their house in Bayswater.  I am a very handsome chap who is now three years old.

I have lots of friends, some human and some doggie, and there is also the monster called Reggie – a thing they call ‘the Cat’, who also lives in our house and I get the blame for lots of things that he does!

Battersea Dogs Home

My Mummy and Daddy got me from Battersea Dogs Home when I was just six months old.  I  know that my mother wanted me but my father wasn’t so sure about having a dog in London but it didn’t take long after they brought me home for them both to fall in love with me – I am such a lucky boy!

A Walk And Breakfast!

My day begins with my Mummy taking me for a walk in the park before she goes to work.  Yes, that means getting up early but it also means a good sniff around and when I get home Maria, my mother’s housekeeper, gives me my breakfast.  Now I don’t want to say that I am ‘top dog’ around here but that lovely housekeeper gives me my breakfast before anyone else gets there’s (even Reggie!)!!

Then it a sleep for me until lunchtime!


Lunchtime is my favourite time of the day!!  Thomas works for Daddy, I don’t really know what he does but they call him the chauffeur / handyman – I call him my best human friend!  He takes me in the car to lots of places and we go and meet up with all my doggie friends for a long walk, bringing back sticks, a good run around and lots and lots of fun.

London Dog Etiquette

Being a London dog means you have to know how to behave when you are out.  I am such a good chap – I know ‘fetch’, ‘leave’ and I know how to behave with the other dogs we meet – I did have to go to training classes when my mum bought me home but they were good fun too.

More Food!

We come home after a really great time and I am really ready for another sleep.  I am supposed to only eat breakfast and supper by that lovely housekeeper is always easily won over when I put on my ‘I haven’t eaten for a week’ face and she always finds me a treat!  She also lets me out in the garden later on in the afternoon for that ‘crucial wee’ that we chaps need!  I might even have a quick play with The Cat – well I have to make the effort sometimes!

Mummy and Daddy usually come home early in the evening and we all settle down for a nice evening together.

Daddy takes me out before bedtime.


It’s then bedtime and I have the loveliest, most comfortable bed and a very happy London dog settles down for a great night’s sleep – usually after Maria the Housekeeper sneeks me a bit of left over dinner just to keep me going until the morning!