Interview Tips For Domestic Staff

🕑 3 minutes read

At Town and Country Staff we appreciate that the idea of going for an interview for a new job is something that can make even the most confident of us feel very nervous.  Whether you are a housekeeper, a nanny, chauffeur, gardener, or a domestic couple we think that everyone can benefit from some interview tips. These are ours:-

  1.  Always be prepared – Make sure that you have a copy of your CV with you as well as your written references and ID in case the client asks for a copy or doesn’t have one to hand.  We can always send you a copy of your CV if you need one.
  2. Say ‘good morning or good afternoon’ and shake hands with the person interviewing you, and look at them when you are answering questions or listening to the job description..
  3.  Know your role – Make sure you have read and understood the whole of the job spec for the role you have gone for an interview for.  If you don’t understand any of the job spec or there is anything you do not understand then ask Bibi or Andrea, we are always happy to help.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview and do not be late.  Make sure that you have googled or looked up the address and checked how long it takes to get there on public transport. Always have a back up route in case your bus/train gets cancelled.  If you get lost make sure you call your recruitment consultant and ask for help finding the address.
  5. If you get to your interview early, wait around the corner and have a coffee. Do not know just knock at the door because you have arrived. They may not be ready for you and you may catch them off guard. Not a good way to start an interview.
  6. Have a mint before an interview. Fresh breath is a must. Do not forget to take your chewing gum out before arriving at the house. A Client must never talk to you with gum in your mouth  – a definite no no.
  7. Sit still in your interview with your hands in your lap, don’t fiddle with your bag, hair etc.
  8. It is very important that you listen to the questions that the interview is asking you. Think briefly about your answer if you need to – and answer positively.
  9. Always dress smartly. No one has ever called us and said one of our housekeepers was dressed too smartly for an interview.  Don’t wear nail polish, too much make up or heels. You may be asked to walk around a house or grounds so wear sensible shoes or you may be asked to remove your shoes in the residence all together so no holes in tights or socks!!!
  10. Always have a sensible question ready to ask the interviewer. Ask questions about the job, the family or the household.  If you are interested in the role then it is very nice to let the interview know before you leave – being positive is always a good think.
  11. Last but not least SMILE and keep smiling. No one wants to employ anyone with an unhappy face!

Good luck with your interviews and remember we are always here to help!