How to recruit a housekeeper – and make your recruitment experience a happy one!

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At Town & Country Staff our main aim is to work with our Clients to help make the experience of recruiting a new housekeeper, or any domestic staff, as stress free as possible!

The recruitment ‘journey’ starts with us talking to you personally. We are here to help.  If you know exactly who you are looking for and have a clear job specification for us then that is always a good place to start. However, if you are not sure and need to talk through how a housekeeper, or any other domestic staff, could work for you then we are always happy to discuss the role with you.

We are able to let you know more information about current salaries or any other information you may need.

After we have agreed the details of the role the search for Candidates will begin!

We are always being asked how we find our Candidates.The truth is that we find good people in various different ways including our website, general advertising, housekeepers and domestic staff who have worked with us previously and also recommendations.

We do not send you every CV on our desks!!  Bibi and Andrea, who own Town & Country Staff, are very strict on the ‘quality control’ side of the recruitment process. As our Client you will only receive CVs from Candidates who have already been interviewed, who have at least 3 years relevant work experience and who have proper references that we can check. We do not believe in sending out lots of CVs – just the right CVs. It is also important for us that we have already discussed your vacancy with any Candidate we want to put forward. We only send you details of people who have already expressed an interest in your role, are happy with the days and hours of work, who can get to your house and work the hours that you have requested and are happy with the job you can offer.

Once we have drawn up a short list of Candidates we will then email you their CVs, photograph and references. We will always have checked their working visa, where applicable.

At this point we are happy to discuss the details of any Candidates and we will then arrange interviews for you.

If you interview any Candidates that you like we are happy to arrange a second interview and/or a trial.

Town & Country Staff do not charge you a fee for short term trials but we would ask that you pay the Housekeeper who is with you directly for the hours she has worked for you. During the time that the Candidate is with you on trial they will be your ‘employee’. You may like to check that you have an insurance policy in place that will cover any employee who works in your home.

Hopefully the trial will go well!!

If you would then like to make the Candidate a job offer we can help with everything from the initial negotiation to agree a salary and the start date, helping with contracts, organising a DBS check, recommending a payroll bureau etc.

This should then bring the recruitment process to a happy ending.