A compassionate and highly organised Governess with 34 years of experience in education. Susan is a native English speaker, who specialises in Early Childhood Development and teaching English as a second language. She is  flexible to relocate and travel as and when required ,holding an EU Irish passport and driving licence Susan is able to travel with ease. During her previous role in a fully staffed household with a High Net Worth family in Astana, Kazakhstan she was responsible for 4 children  in a full governess role which included; tutoring, school coordination, exam preparation, scheduling, after school activities and proxy parenting.
She is an enthusiastic tennis player, bowler and walker. My passion is in promoting education, self-development, and etiquette. She is gentle but firm and brings a caring and nurturing role adopting family values that you wish to promote.
As an early year’s specialist with 34 years of experience her education philosophy is rooted in the belief that every child is unique and capable of reaching their full potential given the right environment and support. She believes in creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and a love for learning.
Susan values the importance of play-based learning as a fundamental aspect of early childhood education. Play is a child's natural way of exploring the world, developing social skills and building cognitive abilities. Through play, children can learn problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills in a hands-on and engaging manner.
Susan believes in the power of building strong relationships with children, families, and colleagues. Collaboration and communication are key in creating a supportive and enriching educational experience for young learners. 
She says "In my 34 years of experience, I have seen the transformative impact that a child-centred approach to education can have on young minds. By providing a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment, we can empower children to become confident, independent, and lifelong learners. My philosophy is centred on creating a foundation for success in both academic and personal growth, setting the stage for a bright and promising future for every child"
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A qualified candidate Monika is available to work as an afternoon Nanny/Mothers Help. She has grown up children of her own so is an ideal extra pair of hands when It comes to managing young children. Monika has been working in the same school as a teaching assistant for many years and has the ...

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A professional Nanny/ Governess with extensive experience working within UHNW households. Nezha has impeccable manners, is well presented and respectful. She has experience working with all aged children within private homes or a school setting. An ideal person to work with children, Nezha is ...

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Anna is an excellent candidate for any family looking for an extra pair of hands. She would suit part time, after school, holiday, weekend and junior Nanny  positions on both long term or temporary short term contracts. She is perfect for a holiday position as she is confident travelling. Anna is ...

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