If you are looking for a professional temporary/ short term Nanny with a wonderful attitude and a can do attitude.. Samantha is perfect.  She has the ability to "hit the ground running" she has worked all over the world and is able to escort children on long and short haul flights.
Knowledgable about age and stage, Samantha is suited to all age children and has worked with twins.
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  • Camperdown

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A dedicated candidate, Helena has a great deal of experience as a Teacher, Governess, Nanny and Household PA. She started teaching in 1980 and has specialised in Junior primary education. She understands the developmental process in child learning. Helena is confident in her ability to guide and ...

  • Nanny
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A compassionate and highly organised Governess with 34 years of experience in education. Susan is a native English speaker, who specialises in Early Childhood Development and teaching English as a second language. She is  flexible to relocate and travel as and when required ,holding an EU Irish ...

  • Nanny
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A French nanny who speaks English and basic Spanish. Experience working with children aged between 2 and 15 since 2016,  skilled at providing all round care of children in addition to teaching languages through games and activities. Athena has shared and sole charge experience in a variety of ...

  • Nanny
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