A French nanny who speaks English and basic Spanish. Experience working with children aged between 2 and 15 since 2016,  skilled at providing all round care of children in addition to teaching languages through games and activities. Athena has shared and sole charge experience in a variety of settings, including that of a nanny, teaching assistant and activity leader. She has plenty ideas of how to entertain children and assist them in reaching their milestones in a safe & fun manner. 
She is adaptable, patient and finds working with children exceptionally rewarding.
She loves music ( can sing, dance and write), nature &being outdoors. A  big animal lover who enjoys travelling and discovering new countries & experiencing their culture.
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A qualified candidate Monika is available to work as an afternoon Nanny/Mothers Help. She has grown up children of her own so is an ideal extra pair of hands when It comes to managing young children. Monika has been working in the same school as a teaching assistant for many years and has the ...

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A professional Nanny/ Governess with extensive experience working within UHNW households. Nezha has impeccable manners, is well presented and respectful. She has experience working with all aged children within private homes or a school setting. An ideal person to work with children, Nezha is ...

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Anna is an excellent candidate for any family looking for an extra pair of hands. She would suit part time, after school, holiday, weekend and junior Nanny  positions on both long term or temporary short term contracts. She is perfect for a holiday position as she is confident travelling. Anna is ...

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